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IK Design is a digital agency based in Luton, United Kingdom. We also cover London and surrounding areas. We help you in all the stages of the realisation of your digital projects i.e. strategy, designs, development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) maintenance and print

Our cohesive team create intelligent and immersive digital experiences. We aim to help you to differentiate yourself by making your project more visible and powerful.

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1. Research

Research stage is one of the most important stage of every project we build. At this stage we gather as much information as we can get a clear understanding of your business goals, target audience and existing technologies used. 

2. Plan

During this stage we use the findings from research stage and work with you to plan the structure, initial draft and wireframe of your website. We also look into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and content for your website. 

3. prototyping

A prototype is a sample of your website before final design. Once you finalise the design for your homepage by selecting from different sample designs, we go on to designing of other pages of your site. This stage may include multiple discussions and, where necessary, meetings.

4. creative design & UI

This stage relates to front-end design of your website. It includes webpage layout, responsive design, graphic design, content put-in and many more. After designing the pages and UI, we will present to you the site for any input about possible corrections or additions.

5. Development

We use the contents and designs agreed with you during design phase and our experienced developers create your website. We keep you informed of the progress of your website to ensure it meets your business needs.

6. quality assurance

We take quality very seriously. It is the key to success in a highly competitive market. When your website is ready, we perform a series of tests on multiple devices and browsers to ensure highly professional design and development. 

7. Website Launch

After competing all the design, development and testing, now we are ready to launch your website. This is the most exciting stage for you and for us as well. You are ready to engage with your audience through your website.

8. Website Maintenance

We guarantee continuous support to our clients after the project completion. Our dedicated team is always ready to help and support in case of any problem. We are keen to help clients in fixing of bugs and on-demand maintenance.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Our Web development process

We make project stages clear at the beginning so that our clients well informed about each phase of the project. 

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